What is sharding in upcoming Ethereum 2.0?

Sharding is going to be scalability solution in upcoming Ethereum 2.0 and the enhancement hope for many other blockchains. Scalability is the speed key factor of the blockchain.…

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Ethereum Studio – new web dapps IDE

The news about releasing the Ethereum Studio developer environment was today published on the Ethereum blog. How does look like the new IDE and can it compete with popular…

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Ethereum Studio – nowe webowe środowisko developerskie

Ethereum na swoim blogu opublikowało nowe narzędzie IDE dla programistów tworzących oprogramownie oparte o Ethereum. Jakie jest to nowe środowisko i czy może się równać z…

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Lisk – krótka historia oraz produkty projektu

Lisk to jeden z projektów blockchain, których głównym celem jest umożliwienie tworzenia efektywnych aplikacji opartych o blockchain. Aktualnie termin "Lisk" może być użyty do…

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Lisk – short genesis and current ecosystem

Lisk is one of the blockchain projects, whose primary focus is to enable building highly efficient blockchain based applications (dapps). The term "Lisk" at the moment can be…

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Do we need “closed” blockchains?

The blockchain technology spreads. Mainly this can be visible in the context of cryptocurrencies popularity gain (which can be noticed by rising Bitcoin price). Blockchain became…

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Hyperledger Fabric chaincode performance. Node.js vs Java.

Choosing the right technology can impact development process and among the others: the performance of the solution. I would like to compare the performance of the Hyperledger…

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The rise of Hyperledger blockchain army.

Entering the Blockchain world you can be sure, that sooner or later you will hear about the Hyperledger. Even if the blockchain technology is most often related to Bitcoin or…

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10 reasons Quasar is great tool for Vue.js

In one of my last projects first time I used Quasar and here I would like to share 10 reasons why I think it's good tool to be base of any Vue.js project.

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Setup frontend application on Nginx in 5 minutes.

Nginx is popular web server used to serve static resources of the web app (client sources). I will explain how to setup Nginx as the static content resources web server and how to…

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